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Resolve106 Affordable Housing Consultancy help landowners and developers navigate the system whenever the planning process requires provision of affordable housing.

Affordable Housing can represent a barrier to viable development but can also assist in unlocking the potential of a site by addressing the social dimension of sustainable development defined by the NPPF.

We understand that one size does not fit all and will develop a bespoke strategy based on an understanding of what our clients truly want to achieve.

Through engagement with key stakeholders we will explore options for affordable housing provision on-site, off-site, or by way of financial contribution via a S106 agreement to promote the most appropriate solution based on the circumstances of each site.

Our focus is on providing deliverable solutions that ensure development of market housing is not prejudiced. Even when the provision of affordable housing is economically viable on paper details need to be right to ensure there is effective demand for the dwellings provided on the ground.

High Court Judgement quashes changes introduced in November 2014.

National Affordable Housing Thresholds Quashed



On 10th July the Treasury published its much heralded proposal to increase productivity in the UK, with far reaching implications for affordable housing.

Are Starter Homes Now Classed as Affordable Housing?


Absence of five year housing land supply  outweighs inability to provide affordable housing.

High Court Upholds Inspectors Decision